Q. Is it really more cost effective to outsource my medical billing than to do it in-house?

A. Yes, it is more cost effective to outsource your medical billing for a variety of reasons. An initial benefit to outsourcing is that your office overhead will reduce drastically; this includes costs such as software and hardware, billing personnel salaries and office space. As a medical billing company our main focus is on getting your claims paid. By alleviating your staff from billing duties, they have more time to run your practice efficiently. Medical billing is a specialized field. Our knowledge results in faster payments, HIPAA compliance, and expedited services.

Q. How can I access my practice’s financial information?

A. We provide each client with a user id and password in order to access their information through a virtual private network (VPN) 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. By accessing our server directly you are guaranteed that all information is current and accurate.

Q. How long does it take to receive reimbursement?

A. The average time to collect on electronic reimbursement is between 7 to 14 days depending on the insurance carrier.

Q. Presently I submit all my claims on paper. How long will electronic claims enrollment take?

A. Electronic claims set-up happens rather quickly. Most commercial insurance carriers do not require enrollment forms. These claims can be submitted immediately. Some carriers require just a simple provider enrollment form to be filled out and signed by the physician. For those carriers which require a longer process (federal plans) we continue to submit on paper until the enrollment form is processed.

Q. Can E2 handle multiple medical specialties within a single practice / operation? How about multiple practice locations?

A. Yes, our state of the art software has limitless capabilities and can accommodate various provider specialties and/or multiple service locations.

Q. Can E2 help me with my credentialing paperwork?

A. Absolutely, we work closely with you and your staff to obtain all necessary information to expedite credentialing and re-credentialing paperwork.

Q. What if I just started my practice?

A. Don't panic! Although insurance applications take some time, we will assist you in streamlining this process. When the process has been completed we will start submitting claims and you will begin receiving payments.

Q. How do you follow-up on claims?

A. We are persistent with insurance carriers! Claims follow-up is conducted on a monthly basis. We also submit written inquiries for improperly processed claims.

Q. How are patient bills handled?

A. We bill patients after we have received settlement from the insurance carrier. If the insurance carrier sends the payment to the patient, we notify the patient with a statement. Follow-up communication is handled courteously and professionally.

Q. How much does it cost to use your services?

A. The cost of our services varies from client to client depending on the volume of your claims and your start-up requirements. Our fee is calculated on a percentage basis which means - if you do not collect, we do not collect! We will never charge on a per claim basis. This percentage fee encompasses the processing and posting of all medical insurance claims for payment by government payers and commercial companies by means of electronic submission or paper filings (where electronic submission is not available). We will also keep up-to-date records of all copayments collected, self patient payments and will bill your patients for balances due after medical services have been rendered. We will follow-up on outstanding insurance claims while aggressively pursuing late and/or denied claims.

Q. Can you take over my outstanding accounts receivables?

A. Yes! While we cannot guarantee payment for all outstanding claims we will absolutely attempt to collect your outstanding receivables. If necessary we also have collection agencies available for your uncollected claims.

Q. How do I get started?

A. You can contact us by phone (347) 531-0497 email: info@e2medicalbilling.com or click here for our Info Request Form. We look forward to becoming an extension of your team.